GlucoTrack® takes the pain out of glucose monitoring to help you manage your diabetes


GlucoTrack® DF-F includes a Main Unit with a big color touch screen with large digits, audible results and a Personal Ear Clip, which is clipped to the earlobe and contains sensors to measure glucose levels in the tissue.

The device is small, light, easy to use and handle. The Main Unit can be shared by up to three users. Each user requires his / her own individually personalized ear clip. The device enables off-line analysis and also includes a USB port for data downloading and battery charging.

GlucoTrack Glucose Measurement Device
Sky Background Glucotrack Readings

Frequent testing with GlucoTrack® provides you with rich information on your glucose profile

Designed for you... keep track of your diabetes


Pain free testing... at last

No more finger pricking to test


Just clip it !

Place the ear clip on your earlobe, GlucoTrack® does the rest for you



Color touch screen with large digits, audible instructions and results


Cost effective

You can test as often as needed with no incremental cost for strips and lancets.


Improve your diabetes management

GlucoTrack® helps you understand how your food and lifestyle  affect your glucose levels.


Results you can rely on

Proven performance in clinical studies


Easy data download

Share your glucose history with your physician and nurse

Easy to use

Get a reading in 3 simple steps

Easy to use Get a reading in 3 simple steps

GlucoTrack model DF-F main features:


Pain-free, blood-free, needle-free glucose monitoring


No strips, no lancets required


Easy to use color touch screen with large digits and audible results


Uses three innovative technologies simultaneously to provide reliable results


Durable non-invasive sensors valid for 6 months of glucose testing


Provides the capability for unlimited testing whenever needed


Stores up to 1000 test results in memory per user


Historical data presented in both tables and graphs so it is easy to understand


USB port for rapid data downloading

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