Frequently Asked Questions


What is GlucoTrack? How does it work?

GlucoTrack is a truly non-invasive glucose monitoring device that provides a quantitative spot level of glucose in about a minute. The device contains 2 parts: Main Unit (MU) and ear clip. All you need to do is place the ear clip onto your earlobe to get the glucose reading. GlucoTrack uses three independent technologies, simultaneously: ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal; the three measurements are combined by a unique proprietary algorithm, which calculates the weighted average and returns the user’s glucose level.


Why should I use GlucoTrack instead of a traditional blood glucose monitoring device?

GlucoTrack allows you to monitor your glucose level frequently, without finger pricking or any pain. Frequent monitoring is essential for diabetic patients, in order to keep tracking their glucose level, rather than just a sporadic single measurement once a day (or less). By more frequent glucose measurements, the user improves the tracking of his/her glucose trends, which increase the ability to better treat the disease and potentially reduce the risk for complications. GlucoTrack enables you to monitor your glucose levels frequently (virtually unlimited) with no pain or physical discomfort and with no incremental costs.


What are the benefits of frequent glucose monitoring?

Frequent glucose monitoring is an essential component to achieve effective diabetes management. The Diabetes Control & Complications Trial (DCCT) demonstrated that intensive management reduced the risk of complications by 76, 60 and 50% of eye, nerve and kidney diseases, respectively.


Is GlucoTrack accurate?

GlucoTrack has been tested through official clinical trials, collecting thousands of data points from hundreds of diabetics, in order to improve the device and to achieve CE Mark approval. All trials have been conducted by a third party at Soroka University Medical Center (Beer-Sheba, Israel). According to the clinical trials, 97.3% of the readings of GlucoTrack, fall within the clinically acceptable zones (A+B zones in the Clarke Error Grid).


Does GlucoTrack require strips or other disposable equipment?

The ear clip must be replaced every 6 months, in order to ensure reliable measurements. The device alerts ahead of time about the need to replace an ear clip.


Who is suitable to use GlucoTrack?

The GlucoTrack Model DF-F is intended for adults (over age 18), type 2 diabetic patients and pre-diabetics.


What is the GlucoTrack range of measurement?

The device measures glucose in the range of 70-500 mg/dl (3.9-27.8 mmol/L).


Where can I buy GlucoTrack?

GlucoTrack is a CE Mark approved device and is available in certain countries around the world. Please click here to see our current distributors’ list.

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